About Us

When one hears the word Gola in India the one image which immediately comes up in one’s mind is of a chilled icy juicy stick which can be just slurped upon endlessly.

Shaved ice is the American Hawaiian concept of the Indian Gola except that the shaved ice is fluffy and snow like and melts in your mouth because a Japanese machine is used to shave the ice to that fineness whereas in India it is done manually or with manually aided machines which again is not shaved but crushed so that instead of the flakes you have crystals of ice.

Due to this texture of the shaved ice, syrups poured from top are absorbed in it. Whereas the traditional street side Golas available in India one has to keep dipping the stick at the bottom of the cup or glass to get the taste of the favour.

A straw is hardly ever required if the shaved ice product is made from the Japanese machines and served well.

We present here our very own version of the shaved ice products: OLA GOLA……………………………………. A novel hygienic and enjoyable way to enjoy shaved ice. Our quality of flavours, the hygienic water used to make our ice blocks and the presentation make us stand out in this market. Our flavours are tested and are Govt. approved and to speak of the variety, we are trying to increase it further and adding exciting new flavours…….. We are creating a different space in this segment where all of us can enjoy a gola with a spoon or on a stick or just go on slurping endlessly in a clean and healthy way.

We are increasing our presence rapidly because people enjoy us wherever we are.